SemanticSBT Deployment tool

The Relation team has built a front-end deployment tool so that developers can deploy and use contracts efficiently.

Quick Start

Download the tool

Clone the repository from github:

git clone

Install dependencies:


run the project:

yarn dev

If successful, you can access http://localhost:3000.

Contract deployment

Login via metamask:

Figure 9-1 Connect Wallet

Choose the blockchain which the contract will be deployed on:

Here we use Polygon as an example:

Figure 9-2 Select a Network

Create a new SBT contract and deploy it:

Figure 9-3 Start Deploy

The contract deployment procedure includes: 1. Deploying the SBT and Verification contract. 2. Initialize the SBT contract. 3. Initialize the Verification contract. 4. Add to the whitelist. 5. Mint SBT (These subsequent procedures need enough gas fee in the wallet).

1. Deploy the contract:

Deploy the SBT contract and its Verification contract:

Figure 9-4 Deploy Contract

2. Initialize the SBT contract:

If the contract deployment is successful, you can see its contract address. Then the initialization process of the SBT can begin.

Figure 9-5 Start Init Contract

During initializing the SBT, we will need to fill in certain properties of the SBT based on the needs of the project. Here we take the TestSBT as an example:

Figure 9-6 Init Contract

3. Initialize the Verification contract:

Based on the needs of the project, we should fill in the name of the Object. Here we will use the Token2049 as an example:

Figure 9-7 Init Verification Contract

4. Add to the whitelist

To specify addresses which can mint the SBT. You can add multiple addresses at a time.

Figure 9-8 Add Whitelist

5. Mint SBT

Figure 9-9 Mint SBT

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